My name is Wheeler Cowperthwaite and I’m a newspaper reporter living in Providence.

I founded PVD Poetry, the poetry collective, a few years ago after deciding to take the plunge into on demand poetry. Soon after, Alicia Pratt joined me, as have others who come and go.

I also runs the news website NM Homicide in addition to writing poetry in my spare time.

We’re available for events and weddings. Just send me an email at cowperthwaite at gmail dot com.

Find us on Instagram Instagram, @PVD_Poetry, (#PoetryOnDemand and #PVDPoetry) and on Twitter (@PVD_Poetry)

Read some of the work on Flickr.

Poet Wheeler Cowperthwaite. Photo by Matt Unrau
Alicia Pratt writing a poem at an art market in Dexter Park.