How it works

Typewriter poets have all sorts of different processes. Some ask for a few words and churn out a poem. Others ask for a single topic. Some ask a few questions before setting the strikers to the ink ribbon (not quite as cute as pen to paper).

The PVD Poetry On Demand process has three steps.

  1. Pick a topic.
    This can be anything. A loved one, love, a friend, a pet, an idea, a feeling, an animal.
  2. Answer probing questions
    To get to the heart of the poem, we need to ask lots of probing questions about the topic. Sometimes this is easier, with heavier topics, and sometimes its harder, with more amorphous ones. Either way, be prepared to talk about your topic, no matter how silly.
    Many people walk away describing this as a mini-therapy session.
  3. Wait.
    The poem will take 10-15 minutes before its ready and, depending on how much demand there is, we may take down your mailing address and sent it in the mail a day later.

Interested in your own custom poem?

Send us an email at or check where and when we will be slinging poems next.

And we’re also available for events and weddings!